RIST CO2 Recovery Demo Plant (2011) 

Core Business - CO2 Capture / Separation / Recovery

Evironment-Friendly is the Undeniable 'New Normal' 

CO2 Separator Project
CO2 Separator Project

Environment-Friendly' has become one of the most important issues now. Especially, atmospheric carbon dioxide, accelerating global warming and unforeseen climate change, is identified as the most significant threat. Governments, including Korea's, are enforcing policies to control carbon dioxide emissions and encouraging businesses to embrace eco-friendly technologies. This shift has become the new standard, with no going back. Since our establishment, we've undertaken numerous projects in the environmental sector, particularly in areas related to carbon dioxide. This aligns closely with the calling of our time.


Carbon dioxide treatment is primarily conducted through various processes including dry capture, wet capture, and recovery and storage. Dry capture involves the absorption of carbon dioxide using solid or semi-solid absorbents such as oxides or ammonia compounds. The captured carbon dioxide reacts with the absorbents to form stable compounds, which are then separated for storage or other purposes.

Wet capture, on the other hand, effectively handles low-concentration carbon dioxide gases by using amine-based solvents like monoethanolamine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA), and methyldiethanolamine (MDEA). This process can also generate heat for power generation and allows for the separation of carbon dioxide for storage or reuse while recycling the solvents.

A CCU / CCS Specialist Company 

CES is a company composed of veteran engineers from major corporations and research institutes, equipped with rich experience and advanced technical expertise. We specialize in various CO2 capture methods including wet, dry, and membrane processes. From small-scale plants to large-scale capture facilities in power plants, as well as auxiliary equipment, we are capable of designing and constructing a wide range of projects.

CO2 Recovery Demo Plant
CO2 Recovery Demo Plant
Continuous CO2 Recovery Pilot Plant
Continuous CO2 Recovery Pilot Plant
Membrane / Dry CO2 Capture Pilot Plant
Membrane / Dry CO2 Capture Pilot Plant

Related Major Achievments  

Client Project Experience
CO2 Separator Package Engineering
Korea Electric Power Corporation Design and Installation of 0.1MW-Scale CO2 Capture with Auxiliary Equipment EPC
Design of a 0.1MW Test Bed CO2 Compression and Liquefaction Process Engineering
Korea Carbon Capture & Sequestration R&D Center
Korea Carbon Capture & Sequestration R&D Center
Fabrication and Installation of Dry / Membrane CO2 Capture Process Plants EPC
Fabrication and Installation of a Wet CO2 Capture Process Plant with a capacity of 100 Nm3/hr EPC
Institute for Advanced Engineering Detailed Design Contract for Thermodynamic CO2 Methanation Process Engineering
0.1MW-Scale CO2 Capture and Auxiliary Equipment EPC
Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology CO2 Capture Facility Uutilizing DME EPC
Modification and Enhancement of CO2 Absorption Device for COG Treatment PC
Basic Design for CO2 Capture Using Liquidized Aammonia. Engineering
SNG CO2 Removal Project EPC
TPT Pacific CO2 Capture Absorber Pressurizing Project EPC
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