CES Extends a Warm Welcome to Talented Personnel 

CES Engineer
Seeking Passionate and Talented Individuals

We welcome those who aspire to grow personally, contribute to industrial advancement, and succeed as plant engineers. If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to the company's main email address.



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Chemical or
Mechanical Eng.
(or Related)

Master's or Ph.D. Preferred
No Age or Gender Restrictions
Open Recruitment

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The Reasons to Join CES 

CES Pursues Lifelong Careers.

At CES, a vibrant team of seasoned senior engineers with extensive experience from large corporations, research institutes, and universities work actively. CES does not have retirement policies based on age limits. Instead, we consider it a mission to pass down the accumulated experience and technical expertise of our seasoned engineers to younger generations, nurturing them into experts in their fields.

At CES, Employee Education Is of Utmost Importance..

At CES, the education of new employees spans a wide range of topics, from basic principles of thermodynamics to devices in chemical plants, and from 2D drafting to 3D modeling. This education, unique to CES, is rich in expertise from veteran engineers, enabling new employees to grow into independent engineers. Additionally, CES prioritizes the self-development of its employees. They have opportunities to pursue higher education or prepare for technical certification exams according to their interests, allowing them to upgrade themselves.

The future of CES is bright.

CES has consistently strived to establish specialized business areas based on our superior technological competitiveness. As a result, we've become a trusted company chosen preferentially by clients, with stable revenue and continuous growth. Looking ahead, we're focusing on key sectors like polyolefin pilot plants, carbon capture facilities, clean hydrogen production via ammonia, and competitive R&D. CES is committed to excelling uniquely in these areas, ensuring a bright future.

CES doesn't postpone improving employee benefits for the future.
In our mid-to-short-term plan established in 2022, we included a schedule for gradually enhancing employee benefits to the level of larger corporations, alongside R&D, new business ventures, and key projects. By faithfully executing this plan, we have significantly improved employee benefits beyond the level of typical small and medium-sized enterprises. Within the next 3 to 4 years, we aim to establish ourselves as a true powerhouse, not only in terms of technical expertise but also in providing employee benefits on par with larger corporations.



We support happiness
  • Health Check-up
    (Including Spouse Aged 50+)
  • Regular Working Hours & Flexible Hours
  • No Work on Public Holidays / Overtime Pay
  • 100% Utilization of Vacation
  • EDU-

    Prioritizes Education
  • High-Quality Training (In-house / External)
  • Technical Certification Study Groups
    (Support Academy Fees)
  • Support for graduate School
  • Certification and Doctorate Bonuses
  • RE-

    Warm Company Culture
  • Free Access to Designated Fitness Center
  • Support for Movie Ticket
  • Community Gatherings and Workshops
  • Biennial Overseas Workshops
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