• Polyolefin Piolt Plants
  • CO2 Capture, Recovery, Separating
  • Lab. Engineering
  • Module Plants
  • Ammonia to Hydrogen Production
Polyolefin Piolt Plants

Process Technology Company with Basic Design Capabilities

CES consists of highly skilled engineers. As an engineering firm, we have accumulated extensive experience and top-tier expertise in various fields including petrochemicals, environmental engineering, and energy. We take pride in our distinctive competitive edge, especially in specialized areas such as polyolefin pilot plants, carbon capture processes, lab engineering, and clean hydrogen production through ammonia.

Polyolefin Pilot Plant
Polyolefin Pilot Plant
CO2 Capture / Treatment
Laboratory Engineering
Modular Plant EPC
Modular Plant EPC
H<sub>2</sub> Production via NH<sub>3
H2 Production via NH3
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