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    Classification by Project Scale

    E : EngineeringP : ProcurementC : ConstructionL : LaboratoryPP : Pilot PlantDP : Demo PlantCP : Commercial Plant
    CO<sub>2</sub> Separator Project
    CO2 Separator Project

    Gwangyang / EPC, DP

    Using Amine to Remove CO2 and Acidic Gases to Obtain SYN Gas
    Polypropylene Pilot Plant
    PO Pilot Plant

    Ulsan / EPC, PP

    Polypropylene Pilot Plant for Process / Catalyst Development
    CO<sub>2</sub> Recovery
    CO2 Recovery

    Pohang / EPC, PP

    Capturing CO2 from Combustion Gases Using NH3
    High Purity Hexane
    High Purity Hexane

    Yeosu / EPC, CP

    Design and Construction of High-Purity N-Hexane Plant
    Solvent Recovery
    Solvent Recovery

    Hwaseong / EPC, CP

    Recovering High-Purity Solvents Generated in Semiconductor Processes.
    SNG Purification
    HT, HP SNG Project

    Yongin / EPC, PP

    High T, Hight P SNG Purification
    Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
    IGCC / WSA Project

    Taean / EPC, CP

    Integrated Gasification Combustion Process / Hydrogenation Absorption Plant
    SCR Project
    SCR Project

    Hwaseong / EPC

    Effectively removing NOx generated at high temperatures
    Waste to Gas Project
    Waste to Gas Project

    Boryeong / EPC, PP

    Generating Energy by Processing Waste into Gas
    Laboratory EPC Project
    Laboratory Project

    Seosan / EPC, L

    Laboratory EPC
    Polybutene 1 (PB1) Pilot Plant
    PB1 Pilot Plant

    Yeosu / EPC, PP/CP

    Polybutene-1 Pilot Plant and Commercial Plant
    NH<sub>3</sub> Stripping Project
    NH3 Stripping Project

    Asan / EPC, PP

    Ammonia Stripping Project
    Continuous CO<sub>2</sub> Recovery Project
    Continuous CO2 Recovery Project

    Daejeon / EPC, PP

    Continuous CO2 Recovery Pilot Plant
    Heat Transport Using Methanol
    Heat Transport

    Daejeon / EPC, PP

    Pilot Plant Utilizing Methanol as a Heat Transfer Medium
    Research Center EPC
    Research Center EPC

    Youngin / EPC, L

    Large Research Center EPC
    DMC Project Pilot Plant
    DMC Project

    Pohang / EPC, PP

    Pilot Plant for Producing Dimethyl Carbonate from CO2
    Shift Reaction Project
    Shift Reaction Project

    Yongin / EPC, PP

    Producing Hydrogen by Reacting CO with Water
    PE Pilot Plant Improvement
    PE Pilot Plant

    Yeosu / EPC, PP

    Improvement Project for Polyethylene Pilot Plant
    ADL Project Pilot Plant
    ADL Project

    Daejeon / E, PP

    ADL - PO Pilot Plant Basic/FEED
    HPPO Project
    HPPO Project

    Anseong / EPC, PP

    Producing Propylene Oxide Using Hydrogen and Oxygen

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  • We do not disclose detailed information to maintain client confidentiality.
  • Classification by Task Classification by Project Scale
    E : EngineeringP : ProcurementC : ConstructionL : LaboratoryPP : Pilot PlantDP : Demo PlantCP : Commercial Plant
    Client No. Year Project Classification Remark
    2 2015 O2 BACKUP SYSTEM Design / Review consulting services E Posco E&C
    3 2015 Subterranean Oil Storage Base Project Consulting (Vietnam) E Posco E&C
    4 2015 CO2 SEPARATOR PACKAGE EPC / DP Posco Eng.
    5 2021 Polyolefin Pilot Plant EPC / PP
    6 2021 HPC Laboratory Service Project EPC / L
    8 2018 PSV, Rupture Disc, Breather Valve Design E
    9 2017 Depentanizer capacity Increase Design E
    10 2016 HCR Reaction Section Simulation E
    11 2020 KNPC Stripper PSV Dynamic Study E
    12 2020 HPC ESD Logic Diagram Project E
    한국 탄소 포집 및 격리 R & D 센터
    13 2017 Establishment of a Wet Pilot Capture Process and Heat Integration Process E
    14 2017 Manufacturing, Installation of Dry/Membrane Capture Plant EPC KIER
    15 2016 Installation of Gas Feed Blower / Heat Exchanger and Aadditional Equipment PC
    16 2015 Manufacturing, Installation of a Wet Capture Process on a 100Nm3/hr Scale EPC / PP
    17 2016 Solvent Recovery System Additional Construction PC
    18 2015 Design and Construction of Solvent Recovery System EPC / CP
    19 2016 UNIT 7 REVAMPING PROJECT / Additional Construction EPC
    20 2016 Supervison of C-Project E
    21 2012 High Purity N-Hexane Project EPC / CP
    22 2019 Detailed Design of Thermodynamic CO2 Methanation Process E
    23 2019 Economic Viability Assessment of a 1MW-Scale IGFC System E
    24 2018 S-Project Pilot Plant EPC / PP
    25 2015 0.1MW-scale CO2 Capture and Additional Facilities EPC / PP
    26 2015 Cu / Zn Recovery Pilot Plant EPC / PP
    27 2013 WGS Reaction Project EPC / PP
    28 2013 MeOH Pilot Plant EPC / PP
    29 2020 Basic Design for a 2MW-scale Power-to-Gas (P2G) System E
    30 2012 IGCC WSA Project EPS* / CP * Supervising
    31 2013 PH Recovery Project EPC / PP
    32 2013 CO2 Capture Absorber Pressurizing Project EPC / PP POSCO
    33 2012 Freshwater-Induced Sediment Separation and Recovery Device E KIMM
    34 2020 PC (V1) Project E
    35 2018 SCPE & PO Tank Project E
    36 2017 SDC BEP Project E
    37 2017 Oil Sand SAGD CPF Pilot Detailed Engineering E Elec. / Instr.
    38 2016 Oil Sand Pilot Plant Feasibility Study/
    Cost Estimation
    39 2015 Design, Fabrication, and Installation of 0.1MW-Scale CO2 Capture System and Ancillary Equipment EPC / PP
    40 2014 Manufacturing, Installation of a 1MW-Scale Pollution Gas Purification Facility EPC / PP
    41 2013 0.1MW Test Bed CO2 Compression and Liquefaction Process Design E
    42 2016 Basic Design for a COG Purification Facility for H2S Removal E
    43 2015 CO2 Capture Facility Using DME EPC / PP
    44 2014 Modification and Enhancement of CO2 Absorption Device for COG Treatment PC
    45 2014 Basic Design of CO2 Capture Process Using Liquid Aammonia E
    46 2013 SNG CO2 Removal Project EPC / PP
    47 2012 DMC Project, Design and Construction EPC / PP
    48 2011 Design, Fabrication and Construction of 50Nm3/hr SNG Project EPC / PP
    49 2018 Development of CO2 Treatment Process (PDP) and Economic Feasibility Assessment for a Natural Gas Plant with a Capacity of 200t/hr E
    50 2018 Optimal Process Aanalysis for Improving the Efficiency of a Chemical Looping Combustion Power Generation System E
    51 2018 Performance Analysis of a Chemical Looping Combustion Power Generation System with Configuration Changes and Operational Variations E
    52 2017 0.5MW CLC Project EPC / PP
    53 2016 Manufacturing, Installation, and Optimal Process Analysis of a 0.5MW Chemical Looping Combustion Power Generation E
    54 2015 Design of Utility Systems Including Pollution Gas Purification E
    55 2015 Maintenance of a 1MW Pollution Gas Purification Process E
    56 2015 Manufacturing and Commissioning of SOUR WGS Reaction System EPC / PC
    57 2013 H2S Removal Project EPC / PP
    58 2014 Commissioning Supervision of PFC Decomposition Facility E
    59 2014 Design Supervision of PFC Decomposition Facility E
    60 2014 Supervision of NOX Abatement Project Manufacturing E
    61 2020 Ultrason MOC Engineering E
    62 2020 TDI PSV Scenario / Calculation E
    63 2019 Ultrason PSV Scenario / Calculation E
    64 2017 Reviewing PSV Capacity for AnMNB Plant Expansion E
    65 2015 HYCO PSV Scenario Work E
    66 2017 HTC SM3 BEP Support : CAD, P&ID 용역 E
    67 2013 KNPC CFP Project Design E
    68 2019 Design of New Polymer Pilot Plant E
    69 2018 PIB Basic Engineering PACKAGE E
    70 2018 MO DECOMM Project C
    KEPCO Nuclear Fuel
    71 2017 UF6 Cylinder Cleaning and Periodic Inspection Facility EPC / PP
    72 2020 PSC Pilot Plant Basic Engineering E Russia
    73 2011 Detailed Design and Construction of NH3 Stripping Package within the Wastewater Treatment Facility EPC / CP
    74 2019 MDI Expansion Basic and Detail Engineering EPC / CP
    75 2011 Process Improvement for Enhanced Productivity in MOD-MDI and VARIANT Production EPC / CP
    76 2008 PB-I Project EPC / PC
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